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The overwhelmed person’s guide to Google Cloud: week of February 22

February 27, 2024
Richard Seroter

Chief Evangelist at Google Cloud

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New and shiny

Three new things to know this week

  • These are the vectors you’re looking for. BigQuery just added support for vector search. If you’re doing RAG-style apps with your LLMs, you might find it handy to be able to search for embeddings with BigQuery.
  • Encrypted, not readable. GKE already supports encryption-in-transit between nodes. This happens at the NIC level. To give you even more control, the team just added inter-node transparent encryption to GKE Enterprise. This gives you the ability to apply user-managed encryption keys for pod-to-pod traffic between nodes in the same cluster, or in a multi-cluster environment.
  • If you build it, they will come. The Cloud Code plugin keeps getting better for AI-assisted programming. You now get access to better AI models for chat, and there are many fixes that make the developer experience smoother.!

Watch this


Are Firebase and Google Cloud BFFs? I dunno, but they get along great together. This is an excellent video that shows a handful of Cloud services that are useful to Firebase developers.

Community cuts

Every week I round up some of my favorite links from builders around the Google Cloud-iverse. Want to see your blog or video in the next issue? Drop me a line!

  • Compare, then migrate. The crew at 66degrees did a cost comparison between Google Cloud and AWS. Once you do some comparisons, you might decide to migrate between products. This is a related 66degrees post on switching from Oracle Cloud to Google Cloud.
  • Spreadsheets can be fun too. Maybe you think rows and cells are a delight. I’m not judging you. Ben took it a step further and built a play-through chess game entirely in Sheets. Wow.
  • Your very own search engine. You can hand-craft your own search experience, but it’s not trivial. Vishal shows us how to create a personalized engine using Vertex AI’s Search & Conversation service. It’s not as hard as you might think!
  • Understand your food’s ingredients with Gemini. Is there anything Gemini can’t do? Of course, but I love the originality of our community. Mahesh has a video where he scans packaged food ingredients using Gemini Pro Vision, and the app itself is hosted on Cloud Run.

Learn and grow

Three ways to build your cloud muscles this week

  • Check out the updated Java client library documentation. Reference docs are such an important tool for developers when they want to truly understand all the interaction options for a service. We just updated the left-hand navigation, as well as the overview pages, for our Java client library.
  • CPU Boost isn’t just for Cloud Run. GKE gets it too. Workload startup time matters. How about giving your app a little temporary horsepower? Kube Startup CPU Boost allocates more resources to your workload until it’s up and running. Very handy.
  • Let’s go even deeper into container startup optimization. Federico looks at a handful of ways to get containerized apps to start up faster on GKE.
  • Accelerate Your GenAI Journey: Build GenAI applications in minutes with Google AI. This looks like a good webinar to learn how Vertex AI Search & Conversation simplifies building search & chatbot apps, boosting efficiency & reducing hallucinations. No more data prep, chunking, or complex ML tasks - build & automate with ease!

One more thing

The next chapter of the Gemini era is here. Bard is now Gemini, and our most capable model (Ultra 1.0) is now available.

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