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Regional Managed Instance Groups beta gives GCE users new performance safeguards

July 25, 2016
Filip Balejko

Software Engineer

Here at Google Cloud Platform, we're working tirelessly toward making Google Compute Engine the first place you turn when you need a scalable, manageable and reliable cloud on which to run your virtual machines.

A Managed Instance Group is a group of machines that are all built off the same instance template and is the foundation for easily building scalable, reliable systems. It lets you auto-heal VM instances by monitoring the state of machines and applications and recreating them when needed. It allows you to autoscale and load-balance to help you serve requests no matter the traffic growth.

Managed Instance Groups just got even better! For applications that require high availability, we're announcing the beta of Regional Managed Instance Groups. Now when you select a multi-zone configuration, Compute Engine automatically spreads the VMs across three zones in the same region equally, so that even in the rare case of a zone-level outage, two thirds of the instances continue to serve. When Autoscaler is enabled, it automatically adds instances to handle the increased traffic in other zones. You can further protect your system by overprovisioning your Regional Managed Instance Group.

This feature has been in the hands of select alpha partners for several months. We’re now ready to open it up to a wider range of Compute Engine users, across all supported Compute Engine regions. Click here for more information about regional managed instance groups

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