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New lower prices for GPUs and preemptible Local SSDs

November 20, 2017
Chris Kleban

Group Product Manager, Google Cloud

We’ve been seeing customers like Shazam harnessing the scale of Google Cloud, and the power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to innovate, accelerate and save money. Today we’re extending the benefits of GPUs by cutting the price of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs attached to on-demand Google Compute Engine virtual machines by up to 36 percent. In US regions, each K80 GPU attached to a VM is priced at $0.45 per hour while each P100 costs $1.46 per hour.

Lower priced GPUs, together with Custom VM shapes and Sustained Usage Discounts, which provide up to an additional 30% off of instance pricing, allow you to run highly parallelized compute tasks on GPUs with strong performance, all at a great price.

Our GPU virtual machines allow you to create exact performance and cost VM configuration for your workload. Specifically, we enable you to create VM shapes with the right number of vCPUs, GPUs and memory for your specific application. Optionally, if you need fast disk performance with your GPUs, you can attach up to 3TB of Local SSD to any GPU-enabled VM. In addition, to help ensure our Cloud GPU customers receive bare metal performance, the hardware is passed through directly to the virtual machine.

Scientists, artists and engineers need access to massively parallel computational power. Deep learning, physical simulation and molecular modeling can take hours instead of days on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.

Regardless of the size of your workload, GCP can provide the right amount of computational power to help you get the job done.

As an added bonus, we’re also lowering the price of preemptible Local SSDs by almost 40 percent compared to on-demand Local SSDs. In the US this means $0.048 per GB-month.

We hope that the price reduction on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and preemptible Local SSDs unlocks new opportunities and helps you solve more interesting business, engineering and scientific problems.

For more details, check out our documentation for GPUs. For more pricing information, take a look at the Compute Engine GPU pricing page or try out our pricing calculator. If you have questions or feedback, go to the Getting Help page.

Getting started with the power of GPU-enabled instances is easy—just start one up in the Google Cloud Platform Console. If you don’t have a GCP account yet, sign up today and get $300 in credits.

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