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CCAI Platform goes GA: Faster time to value with AI for your Contact Center

October 3, 2022
Yariv Adan

Sr. Director, Product Management, Google Cloud

Customers reach out to contact centers for help in moments of urgent need, but due to increasing demands, new channels, peak times, and operational pressures, contact centers often struggle to provide timely help. To bridge this gap, enterprises are increasingly investing in AI-driven solutions that balance addressing customer expectations with operational efficiency. 

But building and generating value from such solutions can be complicated and challenging. Google Cloud built Contact Center AI (CCAI) to streamline and shorten this time to value, and CCAI Platform, our newest addition, takes a crucial step in this effort by introducing end-to-end call center capabilities. After debuting these new capabilities in March, we are excited to announce that CCAI Platform is now generally available across the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain—with more markets soon to come.

Delivering world-class customer experiences and accelerating time-to-value with CCAI

CCAI encompasses a comprehensive set of offerings to address the top pain points of the three main user groups in the contact center: contact center owners, their agents, and the customers they serve. 

Dialogflow lets the contact center manager scale their operations while balancing cost and customer satisfaction, including reducing painful, long waiting times endured by end users. Using Dialogflow, contact center managers can build complex chat and voice virtual agents—a proven, cost-effective way to scale contact centers while continuing to provide great customer experiences. Available 24/7, without any waiting queue, these virtual agents can converse naturally with customers, identify their issues, and address them effectively.  

Agent Assist reduces overall handling time and coaches human agents to become more effective and helpful. The service uses AI to “listen” to the voice and chat conversations between the human representative and the customer, then provides real-time guidance and recommendations to the agent, based on historical conversations, knowledge bases, and best practices of experienced agents. It also automates post-call actions such as transcription and call summarization, saving significant time and overhead at the end of every call.

CCAI Insights stores and analyzes all the customer conversations in the contact center, whether with human or virtual agents, to provide leaders with real-time, actionable data points on customer queries, agent performance, sentiment trends, and opportunities for automation.

At the heart of these technologies is our conversational AI brain. It uses Google Research’s technology to talk, understand, and interact, enabling and orchestrating high-quality conversational experiences at scale.

CCAI Platform: a modern CCaaS and the shortest path to CCAI value

While the value of the CCAI offerings is clear to our customers, we also hear from them that integrating these solutions with legacy infrastructure takes too long. 

To minimize these integration difficulties, accelerate time-to-value using the CCAI offerings, and help businesses provide outstanding customer experiences, we’re pleased to announce the general availability of CCAI Platform, the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution from Google Cloud built in partnership with UJET. 

CCAI Platform is a modern, turnkey Contact Center as a service solution, designed with user-first, AI-first, and mobile-first principles. It offers:

  • Turnkey core Contact Center capabilities out-of-the-box, for faster time to production, lower implementation overhead, and custom development needed

  • AI-powered experiences, from routing to better handling customer interactions

  • Deep integration with CCAI’s offerings, to provide a unified end-to-end experience for contact center transformation

  • Mobile-first design that enables interactions in line with the way people expect to communicate across channels

  • CRM-centered design with automated updates, so agents can focus on the customer

  • Deployment flexibility, with customer data residing in their CRM and the flexibility to bring their own telephony carrier to minimize cost

All of this is available without the typical need to integrate complex technologies from multiple providers. 

“With Google Cloud and CCAI Platform, we will quickly move our contact center to the cloud, supporting both our customers and agents with industry-leading CX innovations, all while streamlining operations through more efficient customer care operations,” said Dean Kontul, Division CIO of KeyBank. 

For customers looking to change platforms for a cloud-native CCaaS with deep Google AI integrations, CCAI Platform offers end-to-end capabilities that accelerate call center transformations. We also remain strongly committed to customer choice, and customers will continue to have the option to integrate our latest and greatest CCAI offerings through our existing OEM partners.

The Contact Center conversation is just beginning

This launch is part of a broader effort to deliver more value, faster, to more CCAI customers. As companies replace interactive voice response (IVR) with intelligent virtual agents (IVA) and begin to collect and analyze data, use cases are likely to grow more sophisticated—which is one reason Google Cloud is continuing to invest in technologies to make our CCAI offerings even more useful, as well as best practices like the following: 

  • CCAI Agent Assist and Insights are a great first step in AI transformation. They let contact center owners enable call transcription and use Topic Modeling to identify conversation themes that demand attention. Human agents can automatically generate high-quality conversation summaries to reduce call wrap-up time, and the associated costs, while improving business insights. We are working to make these features available both in CCAI Platform and with our partner ISVs.

  • Chat and call steering are the first step for IVA automation. Another area of broad impact is conversational chat or call steering, in which friction is reduced by routing customers to the correct virtual or live agent experience. Many call centers rely on IVR systems in which customers have to use a keypad to select an option. Enterprise leaders tell us that attrition is very high throughout this process: some customers angrily hang up without resolution and, just as bad, many simply pound a single key in hopes of reaching a human agent, leading to the customer reaching the wrong person because their issue was never correctly identified or routed. Using Dialogflow’s natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities can sweep away such problems, with the customer more likely to not only reach the appropriate resources, but also share conversational data from which insights can be gleaned. It’s an approach that can pay dividends right away, and a quick first step to IVA automation. 

In coming months, we will continue to work on these and other capabilities that are targeted to deliver higher and quicker value to our customers. We plan to release pre-built components to help companies tackle call center use cases in specific industries, for example. We’ll also continue to partner with companies that share our vision of transforming customer experiences with AI, such as TTEC, a provider of customer experience technology and software. 

“TTEC Digital and Google Cloud have a shared vision for transforming global CX delivery through artificial intelligence, digital innovation, and operational excellence,” said Sam Thepvongs, VP of TTEC Digital. “With CCAI Platform, we can offer our largest enterprise customers a strategic blueprint for moving to the cloud while adopting a leading, AI-powered contact center platform. We couldn’t be more excited about this evolution of Google Cloud’s groundbreaking CCAI portfolio, and the opportunity to help our customers digitally transform their CX through this partnership.”

To get started with CCAI Platform, visit our solutions page or checkout our new omni channel demo video—and don’t forget to join us at Google Cloud Next ’22, where I’ll be sharing exciting new updates for CCAI in my session, “Delight customers in every interaction with Contact Center AI.”

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