Quotas and limits

This document describes API Gateway's quota limits.

Limits on APIs, API configs, and gateways

API Gateway enforces the following limits on APIs, API configs, and gateways:

  • APIs - 50 total
  • API Configs - 100 per API
  • Gateways - 5 per region

If you attempt to create a second API config before the first API config creation for the same API completes, one or both configs may not be available for later use in a Gateway.

Request rate limits

A rate limit of 10,000,000 quota units per 100 seconds per service producer project is enforced by default. One quota unit is consumed for each call to services.check and for each operation reported by services.report.

Payload size limits

The following limits apply specifically to max payload size for traffic through deployed gateways:

Limit Amount
Request size 32 megabytes
Response size 32 megabytes

Streaming is not supported.

How to increase quota

To increase quotas above the defaults listed on this page:

  1. Go to the Quotas page.

  2. Select the quota(s) you want to modify and click EDIT QUOTAS at the top of the page.

  3. Supply your user information if prompted, and enter the new quota limit for each quota you selected.