Version 1.11. This is the most recent version. It's supported as outlined in the Anthos version support policy, offering the latest patches and updates for security vulnerabilities, exposures, and issues impacting Anthos clusters on bare metal. For release details, see the release notes 1.11. For a complete list of each minor and patch release in chronological order, see the combined release notes.

For version 1.11, the documentation structure has changed. See New documentation structure.

Available supported versions: 1.11  |   1.10  |   1.9  |  

Cluster creation overview

You can create different kinds of clusters in Anthos clusters on bare metal, including admin clusters (to control the resources of your clusters) and user clusters (to run workloads).

In addition, Anthos clusters on bare metal lets you create hybrid clusters that combine administration tasks and workloads, as well as controlling other user clusters. You can also run Anthos clusters on bare metal as a single standalone cluster.

Each of these configurations has their own advantages and benefits. For more information on deciding which configuration to develop, see Installation overview: choosing a deployment model.

For more information on creating and configuring clusters, including sample config file, see: