Deep Learning Containers overview

AI Platform Deep Learning Containers are a set of Docker containers with key data science frameworks, libraries, and tools pre-installed. To learn more about containers, see Containers at Google.

Pre-installed software

Deep Learning Containers images include the following:

  • Frameworks:

    • TensorFlow
    • TensorFlow 2.0
    • PyTorch
    • scikit-learn
    • R
  • Python, including these packages:

    • numpy
    • sklearn
    • scipy
    • pandas
    • nltk
    • pillow
    • many others
  • Nvidia packages with the latest Nvidia driver for GPU-enabled instances:

    • CUDA 10.0
    • CuDNN 7.*
    • NCCL 2.*
  • JupyterLab

What's next

You can get started with Deep Learning Containers by walking through the How-to guides, which provide instructions on create and work with deep learning containers.