Overview of Advisory Notifications

Advisory Notifications provides well-targeted, timely, and compliant communications about critical security and privacy events in the Google Cloud console and allows you to securely investigate the event, take action, and get support. Advisory Notifications provides added trust and security in the following ways:

  • By integrating with Essential Contacts, Advisory Notifications makes it easy to ensure the most important people are notified.
  • Designated recipients receive only an email notification about the occurrence of a security or privacy event, but not the potentially sensitive information itself.
  • Event details are stored in Google Cloud. To view full details, you must have the proper credentials and Identity and Access Management permissions.
  • Notifications can be prioritized as desired for critical and timely events.
  • Accompanying notification data can be downloaded securely.

To use Advisory Notifications, you must have an organization. If you are using Google Cloud without an organization, then you can't use Advisory Notifications.

Types of notifications

The following types of notifications are available:

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