Release notes

This page documents production updates to Actifio. Check this page for announcements about new or updated features, bug fixes, known issues, and deprecated functionality.

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October 26, 2021

Actifio GO product documentation is available at New titles and titles with expanded content include:

  • Actifio GO Deployment Guide
  • Actifio GO Support Matrix
  • Enabling Consumption Billing
  • Protecting & Recovering Google Compute Engine Instances
  • Protecting & Recovering Microsoft SQL Server Databases
  • SAP-HANA DBA's Guide to Actifio GO
  • Getting Started with Actifio GO
  • Actifio Administrator's Survival Guide
  • Network Administrator's Guide to Actifio GO
  • Configuring Actifio OnVault
  • VMware Administrator's Guide to Actifio GO

The documentation for the Actifio VDP product continues to be available at

Actifio GO is now Generally Available. Pre-approval is no longer needed to activate the solution.

Actifio GO migration for heritage customers is available now. Migrate to Actifio GO without drastically changing your existing Actifio heritage deployment.

New On-premises Actifio GO deployments require pre-approval. Please reach out to your Google Cloud account team to request on premises deployment of Actifio GO.

Actifio GO no longer requires $500 usage minimum.

Support matrix for Actifio GO will be published as two documents.

  • Actifio GO Support Matrix covers the support matrix information for workloads running in Google Cloud.
  • Actifio GO Support Matrix - Hybrid covers support matrix information for workloads running on-premises.

Actifio GO installer executable for VMware is deprecated from the date of this announcement.

Consolidated single support matrix document. Support matrix for GO will now be published as two separate documents covering support for workloads running in Google Cloud and a second document covering workloads running on premises.