Model API reference for Generative AI

Generative AI on Vertex AI (also known as genai) gives you access to Google's large generative AI models in Vertex AI.

Generative AI foundational model reference

Model name Description Can stream responses
Gemini API (gemini-1.5-pro, gemini-1.0-pro, and gemini-1.0-pro-vision)

Gemini is a family of generative AI models developed by Google DeepMind that is designed for multimodal use cases. The Gemini API gives you access to the Gemini Pro Vision and Gemini Pro models.

PaLM 2 for Text (text-bison)

Fine-tuned to follow natural language instructions and is suitable for a variety of language tasks.

Embeddings for Text (textembedding-gecko)

Returns model embeddings for text inputs.

PaLM 2 for Chat (chat-bison)

Fine-tuned for multi-turn conversation use cases.

Codey for Code Generation (code-bison)

A model fine-tuned to generate code based on a natural language description of the desired code. For example, it can generate a unit test for a function.

Codey for Code Chat (codechat-bison)

A model fine-tuned for chatbot conversations that help with code-related questions.

Codey for Code Completion (code-gecko)

A model fine-tuned to suggest code completion based on the context in code that's written.

Imagen for Image Generation (imagegeneration)

This model supports image generation and can create high quality visual assets in seconds.

Embeddings for Multimodal (multimodalembedding)

This model generates vectors based on the input you provide, which can include a combination of image and text.

Image captioning (imagetext)

This model supports image captioning and can generate captions from an image you provide based on the language that you specify.

Visual Question Answering - VQA (imagetext)

A model that supports image question and answering.

Stream response from Generative AI models

The parameters are the same for streaming and non-streaming requests to the APIs.

To view sample code requests and responses using the REST API, see Examples using the streaming REST API.

To view sample code requests and responses using the Vertex AI SDK for Python, see Examples using Vertex AI SDK for Python for streaming.

Available regions

For a list of regions where Foundation models are supported in Generative AI on Vertex AI, see regions.

Responsible AI reference

To learn about safety specific attributes and view sample responses, see Safety filters and attributes. Throughout these references there is a citation parameter. To learn more about citations, see Citation metadata.

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