Retrieve Similar Job Recommendations (v4beta1)

Similar Job Recommendations allows you to return a set of jobs that are similar to a job seeker's job of interest.

API Overview

Pass a Job entity X and an optional resultSize number N to the jobs.recommend API. The Cloud Talent Solution service returns up to N similar recommended jobs.

The results are based on:

  • User behavior: The API returns jobs viewed or applied for by other users who also viewed or applied for the passed-in job X.
  • Job metadata: The API returns jobs with a similar classification to the passed-in job X as determined by the service's job classification machine learning model.

The list of returned jobs is sorted by relevance (Job N has higher relevance than Job N+1).

De-Duping: CTS removes jobs from the results that are possible duplicates of the passed-in job X. De-duplication logic is based on the passed-in Job's associated companyName and jobTitle.

Best practices

The following steps are required or recommended when using this feature:

  • For each search and Histogram request, the sessionId and userId in the requestHeader/requestMetadata must be populated.
  • For each search request, User Behavior Event reporting (via Pub/Sub) must be implemented and, if applicable, the implementation must send at least the following events for each search request:
    • VIEW
    • And one of:
  • For best results, more than 20,000 unique user queries per month and a large number of Job entities per Company entity are recommended.


Recommended jobs are only returned for the Company associated with the passed-in Job (additional Jobs associated with the passed-in Job's companyName).