Single VM


Single VM stack creates an individual VM with a smart default, but also the ability to customize the Virtual Machine. It uses:

  • Compute - VMs - Compute Engine

Example sets up a simple single virtual machine, and allows you to ssh into it.

Get Started

Click on the following link to a copy of the source code in Cloud Shell. Once there, a single command will spin up a working copy of the application in your project..

Open in Cloud Shell

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Single VM components

The Single VM architecture makes use of one key product. The following highlights that product, along with more information, including links to related videos, product documentation, and interactive walkthroughs.
Video Docs Walkthroughs
Compute Engine Compute Engine is Google Cloud's Virtual technology. With it you can spin up many different configurations of VM to fit the shape of whatever computing needs you have.


The install script uses an executable written in go and Terraform CLI tools to take an empty project and install the application in it. The output should be a working application and a url for the load balancing IP address.


Enable Services

Google Cloud Services are disabled in a project by default. In order to use any of the solutions here, we have to activate the following:

  • Compute Engine — virtual machines and networking
variable "gcp_service_list" {
    description = "The list of apis necessary for the project"
    type        = list(string)
    default = [

resource "google_project_service" "all" {
  for_each                   = toset(var.gcp_service_list)
  project                    = var.project_number
  service                    = each.key
  disable_dependent_services = false
  disable_on_destroy         = false

Create a virtual machine

Creates a VM.

resource "google_compute_instance" "instance" {
    name         = var.instance-name
    machine_type = var.instance-machine-type
    zone         =
    project      = var.project_id
    tags         = var.instance-tags

    boot_disk {
        auto_delete = true
        device_name = var.instance-name
        initialize_params {
        image = var.instance-image
        size  = var.instance-disksize
        type  = var.instance-disktype

    network_interface {
        network = "default"
        access_config {
        // Ephemeral public IP

    depends_on = [google_project_service.all]


Once run, you should now have a single VM. You can ssh into it and configure it however you'd like. Additionally you should have all of the code to modify or extend this solution to fit your environment.