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One click solutions focused on making developers successful

DeployStack is a series of applications that are prebuilt and architected to demonstrate common application architectures and share projects that can be repurposed to support your needs. Each one requires just one command to run, and when the process is done, a fully functional version of the app is available and running, ready to use or modify.

Cost Sentry is a simple set of scripts and configurations that allow you to shut down resources when Google Cloud Billing Budgets are exceeded.
ETL Pipeline is an architecture for running batch data processing pipelines using the extract, transform, load method.
Load Balanced VMs is a simple infrastructure building script that sets up a cluster of VMs and puts a Load Balancer in front of them to expose publically.
NoSQL Client Server configures and creates two Compute Engine instances to work with MongoDB.
Ops Agent creates a virtual machine and installs the Ops Agent for integrating with Monitoring and Logging services.
Serverless End-To-End Photo Sharing Application creates a scalable end-to-end photo-sharing application with 11 Google Cloud products, Terraform, and Django.
Single VM creates a single VM with a smart default, but also the ability to customize the Virtual Machine.
Static Hosting with Domain is a simple static website creator that uses a Storage Bucket, load balancing, and a domain registar to reserve the domain and serve the website.
Storage Event Function App is an image gallery and thumbnail maker that uses a Storage Bucket and Functions as a Service.
Three Tier App is a simple todo application architected as a vanilla 3 tier application.