Pub/Sub Lite API

Service names

To create RPC client stubs, use one of the following service names:


CreateSubscription Creates a new subscription.
CreateTopic Creates a new topic.
DeleteSubscription Deletes the specified subscription.
DeleteTopic Deletes the specified topic.
GetSubscription Returns the subscription configuration.
GetTopic Returns the topic configuration.
GetTopicPartitions Returns the partition information for the requested topic.
ListSubscriptions Returns the list of subscriptions for the given project.
ListTopicSubscriptions Lists the subscriptions attached to the specified topic.
ListTopics Returns the list of topics for the given project.
UpdateSubscription Updates properties of the specified subscription.
UpdateTopic Updates properties of the specified topic.

CommitCursor Updates the committed cursor.
ListPartitionCursors Returns all committed cursor information for a subscription.
StreamingCommitCursor Establishes a stream with the server for managing committed cursors.

AssignPartitions Assign partitions for this client to handle for the specified subscription.

Publish Establishes a stream with the server for publishing messages.

Subscribe Establishes a stream with the server for receiving messages.

ComputeMessageStats Compute statistics about a range of messages in a given topic and partition.