Cloud Endpoints Portal overview

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You use Cloud Endpoints Portal to create a developer portal, a website that users of your Cloud Endpoints API can access to explore and test your API. On your portal, developers who are using your API in their own code can find the SmartDocs API reference documentation. SmartDocs uses your OpenAPI document to generate API reference documentation. SmartDocs includes a Try this API panel, so developers can interact with your API without leaving the documentation.


You can also provide your own custom documentation to help your users get started and be successful using your API.

Visit the Endpoints Portal Demo to explore the portal that was created from several different Endpoints samples.


  1. Users must authenticate with a GCP project in order to access the developer portal. Unauthenticated users can't view the developer portal.
  2. The Endpoints service must be publicly accessible in order to use the Try this API panel. Requests will fail if other authentication (such as IAP) is configured on the Endpoints service.
  3. The Endpoints Portal does not support identically named messages or services declared in separate namespaces of a single Endpoints deployment. This can affect users attempting to follow best practices for Versioning the API with Endpoints. To avoid incorrect versioning of messages or services, use one of the following approaches:
    • Uniquely name all messages and services across all .proto files. For example, name the data message data1 in version 1, data2 in version 2, etc.
    • Separate API versions into different Endpoints deployments.

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