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Cloud Endpoints Frameworks v1 has been deprecated and will be shut down on August 2, 2018. We recommend that you use the latest version of this feature, which is renamed to Cloud Endpoints Frameworks for App Engine. This new version supports App Engine standard environment, provides lower latency, and has better integration with App Engine. For more details, see Migrating to 2.0.

This tutorial focuses only on building an API with Endpoints Framework. It does not show how to generate client libraries or write client apps that use the API backend. Those aspects of Endpoints Frameworks are documented elsewhere in the Endpoints Frameworks documentation.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Create a project for an API backend using the Endpoints Framework.
  • Write an extremely simple API backend.
  • Run the API backend on the local development server.
  • Test your API backend using the API Explorer.
  • Use OAuth 2.0 to restrict access to a method in the API and deploy to production to test.

Complete sample code location

The tutorial leads you through the addition of all the code required to run the sample. However, if you want to download the entire project, visit the code repository containing the appengine-endpoints-helloendpoints-python project.

Topics covered

The following topics lead you through the tutorial:


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