Administration, Statistics, and Quotas

Administering your Google Cloud Datastore instance

To administer your Cloud Datastore instance using the Google Cloud Platform Console, go to the Datastore page to perform the desired administrative functions:

  • Use the Dashboard page to get an overview of your Datastore usage. Cloud Datastore maintains statistics about the data stored for an application, such as how many entities there are of a given kind or how much space is used by property values of a given type.
  • Use the Entities page to view entities by namespace and run queries.
  • Use the Indexes page to view indexes and their serving status.
  • Use the Admin page to enable Datastore administration so you can back up, restore, copy or delete entities in bulk. You can also disable writes to your Datastore instance.

What's next

  • For information on Cloud Datastore limits, see Limits.
  • For information on Cloud Datastore quotas, see Pricing and Quota.
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