Airflow Web Interface

Apache Airflow includes a web interface that you can use to manage workflows (DAGs), manage the Airflow environment, and perform administrative actions. For example, you can use the web interface to review the progress of a DAG, set up a new data connection, or review logs from previous DAG runs. Each Cloud Composer environment has a web server that runs the Airflow web interface.

Accessing the web interface

The Airflow Webserver service is deployed to the domain, providing access to the Airflow web interface. Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy protects it, guarding access based on user identities.

After creating a new Cloud Composer environment, it takes approximately 25 minutes for the web interface to finish hosting and become accessible.

You must have the appropriate roles and permissions to access the Airflow web interface and manipulate environments.

Accessing the web interface via the Google Cloud Platform Console

To access the Airflow web interface from the Google Cloud Platform Console:

  1. To view your existing Cloud Composer environments, open the Environments page.

    Open the Environments page

  2. In the Links column, click the new window icon for the environment whose Airflow web interface you want to view.
  3. Log in with the Google account that has the approperiate permissions.

Retrieving the web interface URL via the gcloud command-line tool

You can access the Airflow web interface from any web browser. To get the URL to the web interface using the gcloud tool, run the following command:

gcloud beta composer environments describe ENVIRONMENT_NAME /

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