Change log for GCP_COMPUTE

Date Changes
2022-06-16 Enhancement - Added mapping for the following new fields:
jsonPayload.Message as syslog.
Process Name to principal.application.
Process ID to
Account Domain to principal.administrative_domain.
Account Name to principal.user.user_display_name.
Object Name to
Object Type to target.resource.type.
Security ID to target.user.windows_sid.
addr to principal.ip.
auid to network.session_id.
Mapped "LINUX - %{type}" for linux logs and "WINDOWS event log" for windows log to metadata.product_event_type.
pid to
acct to target.user.userid.
exe to target.process.command_line.
file_path to principal.process.file.full_path.
Changed mapping of desc from metadata.description to security_result.description.
2022-05-23 Enhancement - Added mapping for the following new fields:
jsonPayload.message as syslog. to
resource.labels.location to
resource.labels.project_id to metadata.product_deployment_id.
resource.labels.instance_id to principal.resource.product_object_id.