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Cloud9 IDE now supports Google Cloud Platform

January 27, 2016
Chris Sells

Product Manager, Google Cloud

If you’re not familiar with Cloud9, you should be! Cloud9 is a development environment in the cloud that offers both a rich code editor and Ubuntu command line with sudo rights. With Cloud9 your development environment is entirely online, allowing you to code from any machine and freeing you from the hassle of managing a local environment.

Now, you can easily create a new Cloud9 workspace connected with a Google Cloud Platform project. Your GCP-ready Cloud9 workspace comes preinstalled with the Cloud SDK and gcloud command line tool, and allows you to build and deploy your application to Google App Engine directly within the IDE. To learn how, view Cloud9’s documentation.

Getting started

Getting started is easy; first, authenticate with Google in Cloud9. Then, create a workspace for your Cloud Platform project (make sure you’ve created a project in Cloud Platform first). The workspace is configured to store and access your remote source code in Cloud Source Repositories.


Using gcloud and Google Cloud SDK

The Google Cloud SDK comes pre-installed on your workspace's virtual machine and is automatically configured to access your project on Cloud Platform.


Edit, build and deploy directly from Cloud9

With Cloud9, you can edit your project’s code and push changes back to your cloud source repository. When you’re ready, build and deploy to App Engine directly from the IDE.


What’s next for Cloud9 and Cloud Platform

While Cloud9 currently offers support for App Engine Java-based applications, over the next few weeks, they’ll be adding support for additional programming languages and features. If you have questions or comments, please visit Cloud9’s community site.

Want to see it in action? See how quickly you can set up a Cloud Platform project in Cloud9.

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We’re very pleased to share Cloud9’s support for Cloud Platform and we’re excited for the languages and features to come. Stay tuned!

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