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Build highly available services with general availability of Regional Managed Instance Groups

December 5, 2016
Jerzy Foryciarz

Senior Product Manager

Businesses choose to build applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for our low-latency and reliable global network. As customers build applications that are increasingly business-critical, designing for high-availability is no longer optional. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the general availability of Regional Managed Instance Groups in Google Compute Engine.

With virtually no effort on the part of customers, this release offers a fully managed service for creating highly available applications: simply specify the region in which to run your application, and Compute Engine automatically balances your machines across independent zones within the region. Combined with load balancing and autoscaling of your machine instances, your applications scale up and down gracefully based on policies fully within your control.

Distributing your application instances across multiple zones is a best practice that protects against adverse events such as a bad application build, networking problems or a zonal outage. Together with overprovisioning the size of your managed instance group, these practices ensure high availability for your applications in the regions where you serve your users.

Customers have vetted regional managed instance groups during our alpha and beta periods, ranging from major consumer-facing brands like Snap Inc. and Waze, to popular services like BreezoMeter, Carousell and InShorts.


It’s easy to get started with regional managed instance groups. Or let us know if we can assist with architecting your most important applications with the reliability users expect from today’s best cloud apps.

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