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Announcing BigQuery Data Transfer Service general availability

At Cloud Next, we introduced the BigQuery Data Transfer Service to automate data movement from SaaS applications to BigQuery on a scheduled, managed basis. BigQuery Data Transfer Service currently supports AdWords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, and YouTube Content and Channel Owner Reports. Since then, customers such as Trivago and Zenith have utilized the service to lay the foundation for their marketing data warehouse without writing a single line of code.

The BigQuery Data Transfer Service is now publicly available. As part of this release, support for DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick for Publishers is now considered generally available. Once the data is delivered to BigQuery, you’ll be able to query the data right away. You can also use Cloud Dataprep to visually explore, clean, and prepare additional data that you might want to analyze in conjunction with the data delivered by the BigQuery Data Transfer Service.

Key new features

Data delivery service-level agreement (SLA)

The BigQuery Data Transfer Service now offers a Data Delivery SLA. The service will ship data to BigQuery within 24 hours of receipt or the daily charge will be credited to your future monthly bills. Rest assured that your data will arrive in BigQuery ready for your team’s reporting needs.

Customer-managed scheduling

For select applications, you can now set their data delivery schedules. Your reporting teams can now configure the service to ship data to BigQuery when you need it.


The BigQuery Data Transfer Service now operates in the same locations as BigQuery. This change is intended to help increase  availability and reliability as we deploy our service across multiple locations.

Our customers share feedback

“BigQuery Data Transfer Service eliminates problems with timeouts, data accuracy and granularity when ingesting data into our own database. We now receive highly granular data that is accurate and always there when we need it.”
—Patrick Kool, Head of Marketing Solutions, trivago

Partner ecosystem

Visualize data imported by the BigQuery Data Transfer Service with leading Business Intelligence tools like Tableau, Looker and ZoomData, or use Google Data Studio.

Google Cloud service partners such as SpringML, Pythian, Analytics Pros, Merkle, Deloitte, Sapient Razorfish and CI&T can help you drive your business using a complete marketing data warehouse built on BigQuery.


We’re introducing a simple pricing plan to meet the needs of your reporting teams.

To get started, check out the BigQuery Data Transfer Service overview. We look forward to your feedback and are excited to see what you build!