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Fully managed data import service for Google BigQuery

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Automatically Move SaaS Data into BigQuery

BigQuery Data Transfer Service automates data movement from SaaS applications to Google BigQuery on a scheduled, managed basis. Your analytics team can lay the foundation for a data warehouse without writing a single line of code.

BigQuery Data Transfer Service

Effortless data delivery

BigQuery Data Transfer Service lets you focus your efforts on analyzing your data. You can setup a data transfer with a few clicks. Once configured, the service automatically schedules recurring data loads from the source application into BigQuery and makes sure you have the latest data at your fingertips. BigQuery Data Transfer Service is flexible and it allows you to update your data with ad-hoc data loads based on user-specified date ranges.

Effortless data delivery

Data ready for analysis

BigQuery Data Transfer Service pulls reports from source application’s publicly documented APIs and load them directly into BigQuery so that you can dive right into the data analysis. With each source application, BigQuery Data Transfer Service covers the most commonly requested reports.

Data ready for analysis

Data delivery at scale

BigQuery Data Transfer Service is serverless and it automatically scales to deliver data as per your need in a timely manner. You can leave the data scaling problem to us and keep your focus on deriving your insights.

BigQuery Data Transfer Service is serverless

Always up-to-date

BigQuery Data Transfer Service is a fully managed service. When a supported source application announces a change to their reports, the corresponding BigQuery Data Transfer Service pulls these newly announced data points for your analysis.

BigQuery Data Transfer Service is a fully managed service

BigQuery Data Transfer Service Features

Fully managed data import service for Google BigQuery

No setup needed
The BigQuery Data Transfer Service requires no deployment and can be configured via an easy to use user interface. This allows anyone to pull marketing data into BigQuery in just a few minutes. Drop in your account information, verify access, and data will show up in BigQuery. It’s simple.
Connectivity to leading applications
The BigQuery Data Transfer Service supports Adwords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, and YouTube Content and Channel Owner Reports.
Reliable data delivery
The BigQuery Data Transfer Service is a fully managed service. Data shows up in BigQuery on a scheduled basis with no additional intervention required. Gracefully recover from data outages or suspicious values by initiating historical loads at any time.
Automatic upgrades
When your source application announces a new report or modifies their reporting formats, we’ll upgrade our Service to reflect those changes. You can stop worrying about schema updates or API version changes and leave the rest to us.
Partner Ecosystem
Google Cloud Platform partners have developed multiple integrations with BigQuery so you can easily load, process, and make interactive visualizations of your data. Our partners include Informatica, Talend, Segment, Tableau, Looker, Qlik and more.

“ Zenith is leveraging Google Cloud to ingest impression, click, and conversion data from Google, DoubleClick, and the Aviva websites. After adding additional offline signals from the client and other data sources, this holistic picture of customer behaviour is reattributed using machine learning and fed back into DoubleClick Bid Manager and DS for more efficient media buying against those most likely to take a quotation. This closed loop system has resulted in 15% improvement in media efficiency for Aviva. ”

- Ian Liddicoat, Global Head of Data, Technology and Analytics, Zenith
Beta: This is a Beta release. This feature is not covered by any SLA or deprecation policy and may be subject to backward-incompatible changes.

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