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Leave no database behind with Cloud SQL for SQL Server

October 21, 2019
Ori Kashi

Product Manager, Google Cloud

At Google Cloud, we develop our database services to meet the needs of enterprise teams wherever they are in their cloud journey. We’re excited today to announce the beta launch of Cloud SQL for SQL Server and make it available to all of our customers. This addition to our database lineup means you can migrate your enterprise SQL Server workloads to Google Cloud easily, and take advantage of fully managed services.  

Earlier this year, we announced the addition of Microsoft SQL Server to the Cloud SQL portfolio of available database engines. At Next, we showed how easily an existing Windows environment could be migrated to Google Cloud, then integrated alongside our many other managed services. Cloud SQL for SQL Server is a key component when onboarding your existing applications and infrastructure to get the benefits of a fully managed and compatible database that will reduce your operational costs and overhead.  

Highlights of Cloud SQL for SQL Server
Cloud SQL for SQL Server brings some key benefits that can help you run workloads easily. 

  • Compatibility: Cloud SQL for SQL Server offers multiple editions of the current version of SQL Server and works with popular clients such as SQL Server Management Studio.

  • Flexible backups: Schedule automatic daily backups or run them on-demand.

  • Scalability: Enable the automatic storage increase configuration and Cloud SQL will add storage capacity whenever you approach your limit. Easily scale up your customized machines’ memory and processor cores as necessary.

  • Built-in high availability: Cloud SQL for SQL Server has built-in high availability enabled for all editions that synchronously replicates data to each zone’s regional persistent disk.

As part of the Cloud SQL platform, Cloud SQL for SQL Server will launch in all currently available regions and will integrate with our existing Cloud SQL functionality, such as connectivity via the Cloud SQL Proxy.   Here’s a look at creating a new instance.


Early adopters of Cloud SQL for SQL Server have been using the service for the last few months, and we’ve heard that they see the potential value for onboarding more workloads.

"Cloud SQL for SQL Server was very easy and fast to get up and going.” says Andrew P. Toi, database engineer lead at advertising management software company WideOrbit Inc. “With built-in high availability that can be used across editions, I can reduce the cost and overhead of managing databases dramatically, especially for smaller workloads" 

And desktop virtualization infrastructure company Itopia had this to say. "Cloud SQL Server dramatically reduces the complexity and cost involved in deploying cloud desktop infrastructure for our customers,” says Ubaldo Don, CTO of Itopia. “It turns a bulky pillar of infrastructure into a one-click service, reducing IT service management overhead." 

More features coming soon
We’re continuing to improve Cloud SQL for SQL Server during beta and beyond to meet all of your cloud database needs. Watch for the following:

  • Active Directory integration

  • Read replicas

  • Expanded machine types

  • Online migration tools

See what Google Cloud can do for you
Sign up for a $300 credit to try Cloud SQL and the rest of GCP. You can start with inexpensive micro instances for testing and development. When you’re ready, you can easily scale them up to serve performance-intensive applications. As a bonus, everyone gets 100% sustained use discount during beta, regardless of usage. Enjoy your exploration of Google Cloud and Cloud SQL for SQL Server.

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