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Optimize your savings with Memorystore committed use discounts

April 25, 2023
Kyle Meggs

Senior Product Manager

We’re excited to announce the launch of committed use discounts (CUDs) for Memorystore, Google Cloud’s fully managed Redis and Memcached service. CUDs enable you to save 40% off the on-demand price for a three year commitment and 20% for a one year commitment.

For Google Cloud customers who already run their Redis and Memcached workloads on Memorystore, signing up for committed use discounts will be an easy decision. Simply follow the instructions outlined below. Best of all, these discounts are fungible across both Redis and Memcached instances, and across all regions. The only exception is for small Redis instances (<5 GB), where committed use discounts do not apply. 

How to purchase committed use discounts

Getting started is easy: simply navigate to the Google Cloud Console billing page and choose the billing account, select “Committed use discounts (CUDs)” on the left pane, then “Purchase”, and then choose “Memorystore'' as your selected product. Your discounts will automatically apply across all eligible regions and instance configurations. For more details on how committed use discounts work on Google Cloud, check out the CUD documentation

Step 1: Navigate to Billing, then “Committed use discounts” on the Cloud Console
Step 2: Select “Purchase”
Step 3: Choose “Memorystore (Redis and Memcached)” from the Product dropdown
Step 4: Provide a name, choose the duration and the hourly on-demand amount in USD


Example of potential savings

Here’s an example of how you can save money: let’s say you’re currently spending $100 per month on Memorystore. By purchasing a three-year committed use discount, you can lower your monthly bill by 40% to only $60 per month. It’s no problem if your instance sizes grow, or even double. If they double, your undiscounted spend would be $200, but you’d still receive a 40% discount on the first $100 spent, resulting in a total bill of $160:

$60 discounted + $100 growth = $160 total spend

If this peak is now your baseline, you can always purchase additional CUDs to discount the entire $200 by 40% and pay $120 instead.  

Memorystore: Fully Managed

At Google Cloud, we think there are a ton of benefits to selecting a fully managed database like Memorystore; the availability of committed use discounts for it just make it that much better! If you haven’t adopted Memorystore yet and are still self-managing Redis or Memcached, check out this recent blog about the business value of managed database services to give you an idea of how much money you can save by switching. Also, take a look at this recent blog for additional best practices to optimize your Memorystore Redis deployments.

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