Overview of BeyondCorp Enterprise and Falcon ZTA integration

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CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (Falcon ZTA) is a Falcon Insight feature that monitors the built-in OS security settings and applied sensor policies of Windows 10 and macOS endpoints (devices). Falcon ZTA helps administrators assess the security posture of managed devices within their organization. Google Cloud's BeyondCorp Enterprise integrates with Falcon ZTA to provide a solution that lets you ensure that the devices connecting to your organization's web resources and applications are authorized, secured, and managed as per your organization's policies.

When to use BeyondCorp Enterprise and Falcon ZTA integration

Use this integration when you want to collect the real-time information about the devices in your organization using Falcon ZTA, and use this information to manage your devices and control access to your organizational resources using BeyondCorp Enterprise.

How BeyondCorp Enterprise works with Falcon ZTA

BeyondCorp Enterprise uses a zero trust model to grant access to your organizational resources based on a user's device identity and context of the request.

In this integration, Falcon ZTA collects the real-time device information using its built-in solution, CrowdStrike's Falcon sensor, and provides this information to BeyondCorp Enterprise.Endpoint Verification, which is a part of BeyondCorp Enterprise, communicates with Falcon ZTA to collect device information. Access Context Manager uses the device information collected by Endpoint Verification and Falcon ZTA, and provides security-based access control to your resources by using access levels.

The following diagram shows how BeyondCorp Enterprise works with Falcon ZTA:

Architecture diagram

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