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Source code for google.appengine.ext.bulkload.bulkloader_parser

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2007 Google Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

"""Bulkloader Config Parser and runner.

A library to read bulkloader yaml configs. Returns a BulkloaderEntry object
which describes the bulkloader.yaml in object form, including some additional
parsing of things like Python lambdas.

import inspect
import sys

from google.appengine.api import validation
from google.appengine.api import yaml_builder
from google.appengine.api import yaml_listener
from google.appengine.api import yaml_object

from google.appengine.ext.bulkload import bulkloader_errors

_global_temp_globals = None

[docs]class EvaluatedCallable(validation.Validator): """Validates that a string evaluates to a Python callable. Calls eval at validation time and stores the results as a ParsedMethod object. The ParsedMethod object can be used as a string (original value) or callable (parsed method). It also exposes supports_bulkload_state if the callable has a kwarg called 'bulkload_state', which is used to determine how to call the *_transform methods. """
[docs] class ParsedMethod(object): """Wrap the string, the eval'd method, and supports_bulkload_state.""" def __init__(self, value, key): """Initialze internal state. Eval the string value and save the result. Args: value: String to compile as a regular expression. key: The YAML field name. Raises: InvalidCodeInConfiguration: if the code could not be evaluated, or the evalauted method is not callable. """ self.value = value try: self.method = eval(value, _global_temp_globals) except Exception, err: raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidCodeInConfiguration( 'Invalid code for %s. Code: "%s". Details: %s' % (key, value, err)) if not callable(self.method): raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidCodeInConfiguration( 'Code for %s did not return a callable. Code: "%s".' % (key, value)) self.supports_bulkload_state = False try: argspec = inspect.getargspec(self.method) if 'bulkload_state' in argspec[0]: self.supports_bulkload_state = True except TypeError: pass def __str__(self): """Return a string representation of the method: the original string.""" return self.value def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs): """Call the method.""" return self.method(*args, **kwargs)
def __init__(self): """Initialize EvaluatedCallable validator.""" super(EvaluatedCallable, self).__init__()
[docs] def Validate(self, value, key): """Validates that the string compiles as a Python callable. Args: value: String to compile as a regular expression. key: The YAML field name. Returns: Value wrapped in an object with properties 'value' and 'fn'. Raises: InvalidCodeInConfiguration when value does not compile. """ if isinstance(value, self.ParsedMethod): return value else: return self.ParsedMethod(value, key)
[docs] def ToValue(self, value): """Returns the code string for this value.""" return value.value
OPTIONAL_EVALUATED_CALLABLE = validation.Optional(EvaluatedCallable())
[docs]class ConnectorSubOptions(validation.Validated): """Connector options.""" ATTRIBUTES = { 'delimiter': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'dialect': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), }
[docs]class ConnectorOptions(validation.Validated): """Connector options.""" ATTRIBUTES = { 'column_list': validation.Optional(validation.Repeated(validation.TYPE_STR)), 'columns': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'encoding': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'epilog': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'export_options': validation.Optional(ConnectorSubOptions), 'import_options': validation.Optional(ConnectorSubOptions), 'mode': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'prolog': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'style': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'template': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'xpath_to_nodes': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'print_export_header_row': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_BOOL), 'skip_import_header_row': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_BOOL), }
[docs] def CheckInitialized(self): """Post-loading 'validation'. Really used to fix up yaml hackyness.""" super(ConnectorOptions, self).CheckInitialized() if self.column_list: self.column_list = [str(column) for column in self.column_list]
[docs]class ExportEntry(validation.Validated): """Describes the optional export transform for a single property.""" ATTRIBUTES = { 'external_name': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'export_transform': OPTIONAL_EVALUATED_CALLABLE, }
[docs]class PropertyEntry(validation.Validated): """Describes the transform for a single property.""" ATTRIBUTES = { 'property': validation.Type(str), 'import_transform': OPTIONAL_EVALUATED_CALLABLE, 'import_template': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'default_value': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'export': validation.Optional(validation.Repeated(ExportEntry)), } ATTRIBUTES.update(ExportEntry.ATTRIBUTES)
[docs] def CheckInitialized(self): """Check that all required (combinations) of fields are set. Also fills in computed properties. Raises: InvalidConfiguration: If the config is invalid. """ super(PropertyEntry, self).CheckInitialized() if not (self.external_name or self.import_template or self.export): raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidConfiguration( 'Neither external_name nor import_template nor export specified for ' 'property %s.' %
[docs]class TransformerEntry(validation.Validated): """Describes the transform for an entity (or model) kind.""" ATTRIBUTES = { 'name': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'kind': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), 'model': OPTIONAL_EVALUATED_CALLABLE, 'connector': validation.TYPE_STR, 'connector_options': validation.Optional(ConnectorOptions, {}), 'use_model_on_export': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_BOOL), 'sort_key_from_entity': OPTIONAL_EVALUATED_CALLABLE, 'post_import_function': OPTIONAL_EVALUATED_CALLABLE, 'post_export_function': OPTIONAL_EVALUATED_CALLABLE, 'property_map': validation.Repeated(PropertyEntry, default=[]), }
[docs] def CheckInitialized(self): """Check that all required (combinations) of fields are set. Also fills in computed properties. Raises: InvalidConfiguration: if the config is invalid. """ if not self.kind and not self.model: raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidConfiguration( 'Neither kind nor model specified for transformer.') if self.kind and self.model: raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidConfiguration( 'Both kind and model specified for transformer.') if self.model: self.kind = self.model.method.kind() else: if self.use_model_on_export: raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidConfiguration( 'No model class specified but use_model_on_export is true.') if not = self.kind if not self.connector: raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidConfiguration('No connector specified.') property_names = set() for prop in self.property_map: if in property_names: raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidConfiguration( 'Duplicate property specified for property %s in transform %s' % (, property_names.add(
[docs]class PythonPreambleEntry(validation.Validated): """Python modules to import at initialization time, typically models.""" ATTRIBUTES = {'import': validation.TYPE_STR, 'as': validation.Optional(validation.TYPE_STR), }
[docs] def CheckInitialized(self): """Check that all required fields are set, and update global state. The imports specified in the preamble are imported at this time. """ python_import = getattr(self, 'import') topname = python_import.split('.')[0] module_name = getattr(self, 'as') if not module_name: module_name = python_import.split('.')[-1] __import__(python_import, _global_temp_globals) _global_temp_globals[topname] = sys.modules[topname] _global_temp_globals[module_name] = sys.modules[python_import]
[docs]class BulkloaderEntry(validation.Validated): """Root of the bulkloader configuration.""" ATTRIBUTES = { 'python_preamble': validation.Optional(validation.Repeated(PythonPreambleEntry)), 'transformers': validation.Repeated(TransformerEntry), }
[docs]def load_config(stream, config_globals): """Load a configuration file and generate importer and exporter classes. Args: stream: Stream containing config YAML. config_globals: Dict to use to reference globals for code in the config. Returns: BulkloaderEntry Raises: InvalidConfiguration: If the config is invalid. """ builder = yaml_object.ObjectBuilder(BulkloaderEntry) handler = yaml_builder.BuilderHandler(builder) listener = yaml_listener.EventListener(handler) global _global_temp_globals _global_temp_globals = config_globals try: listener.Parse(stream) finally: _global_temp_globals = None bulkloader_infos = handler.GetResults() if len(bulkloader_infos) < 1: raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidConfiguration('No configuration specified.') if len(bulkloader_infos) > 1: raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidConfiguration( 'Multiple sections in configuration.') bulkloader_info = bulkloader_infos[0] if not bulkloader_info.transformers: raise bulkloader_errors.InvalidConfiguration('No transformers specified.') return bulkloader_info