Migrating from AppCfg to gcloud Command Line

The following table shows gcloud command line equivalents to some frequently used AppCfg commands:

appcfg command gcloud command line
appcfg migrate_traffic
Only supports 100% migration.
gcloud app services set-traffic
appcfg update_cron gcloud app deploy cron.yaml
appcfg update_dispatch gcloud app deploy dispatch.yaml
appcfg update_dos gcloud app deploy dos.yaml
appcfg update_queues gcloud app deploy queues.yaml
appcfg update_indexes gcloud app deploy indexes.yaml
gcloud datastore create-indexes
appcfg vacuum_indexes gcloud datastore cleanup-indexes
appcfg start_module_version gcloud app versions start
appcfg stop_module_version gcloud app versions stop

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