Class Application

  • java.lang.Object
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    public class Application
    extends java.lang.Object
    An App Engine application. You can read an Application from a path, and create an AppAdmin to upload, create indexes, or otherwise manage it.
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      void cleanStagingDirectory()
      deletes the staging directory, if one was created. createStagingDirectory( opts, resourceLimits)
      Creates a new staging directory, if needed, or returns the existing one if already created. createStagingDirectory( opts, resourceLimits, stagingDir)
      Populates and creates (if necessary) a user specified, staging directory
      void exportRepoInfoFile()
      Generates source context file in the staging directory.
      java.lang.String getApiVersion()
      Returns the desired API version for the current application, or "none" if no API version was used.
      AppEngineWebXml getAppEngineWebXml()
      Returns the AppEngineWebXml describing the application.
      java.lang.String getAppId()
      Returns the application identifier, from the AppEngineWebXml config
      java.lang.String getAppYaml()
      Returns the app.yaml string.
      BackendsXml getBackendsXml()
      Returns the BackendsXml describing the applications' backends.
      CronXml getCronXml()
      Returns the CronXml describing the applications' cron jobs.
      DispatchXml getDispatchXml()
      Returns the possibly empty DispatchXml descriptor for this application or null if none is configured.
      DosXml getDosXml()
      Returns the DosXml describing the applications' DoS entries.
      java.util.List<> getErrorHandlers()
      Returns the list of error handlers for this application
      IndexesXml getIndexesXml()
      Returns the IndexesXml describing the applications' indexes.
      java.lang.String getInstanceClass()
      Returns the application instance class name or null if not specified.
      java.lang.String getMimeTypeIfStatic(java.lang.String path)
      Returns the mime-type if path corresponds to static content, null otherwise.
      java.lang.String getModule()
      Returns the application module name or null if not specified.
      java.lang.String getPath()
      Returns a path to an exploded WAR directory for the application.
      QueueXml getQueueXml()
      Returns the QueueXml describing the applications' task queues.
      java.lang.String getRuntime()
      Returns the desired runtime for the current application.
      AppEngineWebXml getScrubbedAppEngineWebXml()
      Modified app.yaml for Cloud SDK deployment.
      static getSdkDocsDir() 
      static Version getSdkVersion() getStagingDir()
      Returns the staging directory, or null if none has been created.
      java.lang.String getVersion()
      Returns the application version, from the AppEngineWebXml config
      WebXml getWebXml()
      Returns the WebXml describing the applications' servlets and generic web application information.
      static java.lang.String guessContentTypeFromName(java.lang.String fileName) 
      boolean isPrecompilationEnabled()
      Returns whether precompilation is enabled for this application
      static Application readApplication(java.lang.String path)
      Reads the App Engine application from path.
      static Application readApplication(java.lang.String path, sourceContext)
      Reads the App Engine application from path.
      static Application readApplication(java.lang.String path, java.lang.String appId, java.lang.String module, java.lang.String appVersion)
      Reads the App Engine application from path.
      static void recursiveDelete( dead)
      Recursive directory deletion.
      void resetProgress() 
      void setDetailsWriter( detailsWriter) 
      void setExternalResourceDir(java.lang.String path)
      Sets the external resource directory.
      void setListener(UpdateListener l) 
      void statusUpdate(java.lang.String message) 
      void statusUpdate(java.lang.String message, int amount) 
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        public static getSdkDocsDir()
      • getSdkVersion

        public static Version getSdkVersion()
      • readApplication

        public static Application readApplication(java.lang.String path)
        Reads the App Engine application from path. The path may either be a WAR file or the root of an exploded WAR directory.
        path - a not null path.
        Throws: - if an error occurs while trying to read the Application. - if the Application's appengine-web.xml file is malformed.
      • readApplication

        public static Application readApplication(java.lang.String path,
        Reads the App Engine application from path. The path may either be a WAR file or the root of an exploded WAR directory.
        path - a not null path.
        sourceContext - an explicit RepoInfo.SourceContext. If null, the source context will be infer