IMemcacheServiceFactory (Google App Engine API for Java)

Interface IMemcacheServiceFactory

  • public interface IMemcacheServiceFactory
    The factory by which users acquire a handle to the MemcacheService.
    • Method Detail

      • getMemcacheService

        MemcacheService getMemcacheService(java.lang.String namespace)
        Gets a handle to the cache service, forcing use of specific namespace.

        Although there is only one actual cache, an application may make as many MemcacheService instances as it finds convenient. If using multiple instances, note that the error handler established with BaseMemcacheService.setErrorHandler(ErrorHandler) is specific to each instance.

        namespace - if not null forces the use of namespace for all operations in MemcacheService . If namespace is null - created MemcacheService will use current namespace provided by NamespaceManager.get().
        a new MemcacheService instance.