ConsistentErrorHandler (Google App Engine API for Java)

Interface ConsistentErrorHandler

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      • handleDeserializationError

        void handleDeserializationError(InvalidValueException ivx)
        Description copied from interface: ErrorHandler
        Handles deserialization errors. This method is called from either of the get methods, if the retrieved value cannot be deserialized. This normally indicates an application upgrade since the cache entry was stored, and should thus be treated as a cache miss, which is the behavior of LogAndContinueErrorHandler (the default).
        Specified by:
        handleDeserializationError in interface ErrorHandler
      • handleServiceError

        void handleServiceError(MemcacheServiceException ex)
        Description copied from interface: ErrorHandler
        Handles back-end service errors. This method is called from most of the MemcacheService methods in the event of a service error. This is also called for MemcacheService.put(Object, Object) when the combined key and value size is too large.

        The handler may throw any RuntimeException, or it may simply return for "permissive" error handling, which will generally emulate behavior of a cache miss due to a discarded entry.

        Specified by:
        handleServiceError in interface ErrorHandler
        ex - the service error exception