DatastoreTimeoutException (Google App Engine API for Java)

Class DatastoreTimeoutException

  • java.lang.Object
    • java.lang.Throwable
      • java.lang.Exception
        • java.lang.RuntimeException
  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class DatastoreTimeoutException
    extends java.lang.RuntimeException
    DatastoreTimeoutException is thrown when a datastore operation times out. This can happen when you attempt to put, get, or delete too many entities or an entity with too many properties, or if the datastore is overloaded or having trouble.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DatastoreTimeoutException

        public DatastoreTimeoutException(java.lang.String message)
      • DatastoreTimeoutException

        public DatastoreTimeoutException(java.lang.String message,
                                         java.lang.Throwable cause)