BlobInfoFactory (Google App Engine API for Java)

Class BlobInfoFactory

  • java.lang.Object

  • public class BlobInfoFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    BlobInfoFactory provides a trivial interface for retrieving BlobInfo metadata.

    BlobInfo metadata is stored in read-only __BlobInfo__ entities in the datastore. This class provides an easy way to access these entities. For more complex queries, you can use the datastore directly.

    • Constructor Detail

      • BlobInfoFactory

        public BlobInfoFactory()
        Creates a BlobInfoFactory that uses the default implementation of DatastoreService.
    • Method Detail

      • loadBlobInfo

        public BlobInfo loadBlobInfo(BlobKey blobKey)
        Loads the BlobInfo metadata for blobKey. Returns null if no matching blob is found.
      • queryBlobInfos

        public java.util.Iterator<BlobInfo> queryBlobInfos()
        Queries for BlobInfo instances, beginning with the BlobKey that appears first in lexicographic order.
      • queryBlobInfosAfter

        public java.util.Iterator<BlobInfo> queryBlobInfosAfter(BlobKey previousBlob)
        Queries for BlobInfo instances, beginning at the blob following previousBlob in lexicographic order. If previousBlob is null, the first blob will be returned.

        This is useful for displaying discrete pages of blobs.