LifecycleManager (Google App Engine API for Java)

Class LifecycleManager

  • java.lang.Object

  • public final class LifecycleManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    Information about the current status of the Java Runtime.
    • Method Detail

      • isShuttingDown

        public boolean isShuttingDown()
      • setShutdownHook

        public void setShutdownHook(LifecycleManager.ShutdownHook hook)
        Register a ShutdownHook to be called when the runtime shuts down.
        java.lang.NullPointerException - if the calling thread is neither a request thread nor a thread created by ThreadManager.
      • interruptAllRequests

        public void interruptAllRequests()
        Calls Thread.interrupt() on all threads running requests for this application.
      • getRemainingShutdownTime

        public long getRemainingShutdownTime()
        If the runtime is shutting down, returns how long, in milliseconds, is left for shutdown code to clean up. Otherwise, returns -1.
      • beginShutdown

        public void beginShutdown(long deadline)
        For testing purposes only: Notifies the LifecycleManager that the runtime is shutting down.

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