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SystemProperty (Google App Engine API for Java)

Class SystemProperty

  • java.lang.Object
  • Direct Known Subclasses:

    public class SystemProperty
    extends java.lang.Object
    Global system properties which are set by App Engine.

    Example code:

     if (SystemProperty.environment.value() == SystemProperty.Environment.Value.Production) {
       // do something that's production-only
     String version = SystemProperty.version.get();

    • Field Detail

      • environment

        public static final SystemProperty.Environment environment
        The current executing environment. Has the key, "". Has the values "Production" and "Development".
      • version

        public static final SystemProperty version
        The current executing runtime version. Has the key, "". A Version value is composed of period-separated integers, for example, "1.2.8".
      • applicationId

        public static final SystemProperty applicationId
        The application identifier for the current application. Has the key, "".
      • applicationVersion

        public static final SystemProperty applicationVersion
        The version identifier for the current application version. Result is of the form <major>.<minor> where <major> is the version name supplied at deploy time and <minor> is a timestamp value maintained by App Engine. Has the key "".
    • Method Detail

      • key

        public java.lang.String key()
        The key for the system property.
      • get

        public java.lang.String get()
        Gets the value of the system property. Equivalent to System.getProperty(key()).
      • set

        public void set(java.lang.String value)
        Sets the value of the system property. Equivalent to System.setProperty(key(), value).