Class AppAdminFactory

  • java.lang.Object

  • public class AppAdminFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    Creates a new AppAdmin for a designated App Engine application.
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      static class  AppAdminFactory.ConnectOptions
      The options used to connect to the remote App Engine administration server.
      static interface  AppAdminFactory.PasswordPrompt
      Callback that is invoked to prompt the user to enter a password.
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      AppAdmin createAppAdmin(AppAdminFactory.ConnectOptions options, Application app, errorWriter)
      Creates a new AppAdmin that can be used to administer the designated App Engine application. getAppOptions() 
      java.lang.Class<? extends> getAppVersionUploadClass() 
      void setAllowAnyRuntime(boolean allowAnyRuntime)
      Enables or disables validation of the runtime id provided by the user.
      void setAppVersionUploadClass(java.lang.Class<? extends> klass)
      Sets the class used for uploading the application to the server.
      void setBatchMode(boolean flag)
      Requests we do upload using batch *
      void setCallerUploadingDispatch(boolean b)
      Sets whether caller will upload dispatch.xml.
      void setCompileEncoding(java.lang.String compileEncoding)
      Sets the character encoding to use when compiling JSP files.
      void setCompileJsps(boolean flag)
      Requests that *.jsp files should be compiled into Java byte code, or if false should be left untouched.
      void setDeleteJSPs(boolean deleteJSPs)
      Deletes or not the JSPs source files.
      void setFailOnPrecompilationError(boolean fail)
      Enables or disables treating (repeated) precompilation errors as fatal when updating an application.
      void setIgnoreEndpointsFailures(boolean ignore)
      Enables or disables ignoring Google Cloud Endpoints failures when updating an app.
      void setJarClassessEnabled(boolean doJarClasses)
      Enables or disables jarring WEB-INF/classes content.
      void setJarJSPsEnabled(boolean doJarJSPs)
      Enables or disables jarring classes generated from JSPs.
      void setJarSplittingEnabled(boolean doSplit)
      Enables or disables jar splitting.
      void setJarSplittingExcludes(java.util.Set<java.lang.String> jarSplittingExcludeSuffixes)
      Sets suffixes for files to exclude when performing jar splitting.
      void setJavaCompiler( javac)
      Specifies the location of a javac executable, used when compiling JSPs.
      void setJavaExecutable( java)
      Specifies the location of a java executable, used when compiling JSPs.
      void setQuickstart(boolean enable) 
      void setRuntime(java.lang.String runtime)
      Sets the runtime id to use in the generated app.yaml descriptor.
      void setUseAsyncQuickstart(boolean async)
      Use the Async quickstart generator.
      void setUseJava8(boolean java8)
      Use Java8 and Jetty9.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • AppAdminFactory

        public AppAdminFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • createAppAdmin

        public AppAdmin createAppAdmin(AppAdminFactory.ConnectOptions options,
                                       Application app,
        Creates a new AppAdmin that can be used to administer the designated App Engine application.
        options - The options used to connect to the remote server. Must not be null.
        app - The application to be administered. May be null.