This documentation is for the most recent version of Anthos clusters on AWS, released on April 13. See the Release notes for more information. For documentation on the previous generation of Anthos clusters on AWS, see Previous generation.

Supported instance types

Minimum supported cluster configuration

Clusters managed by Anthos clusters on AWS must meet the following minimum requirements. Your clusters may need more powerful control plane and node pool instances depending on the demands of your workloads.

Cluster size (nodes) Control plane instances Node pool instances
Demo 3 x t3.medium 2 x t3.medium
1-10 nodes 3 x m5.large workload dependent
11-100 nodes 3 x m5.xlarge workload dependent
101-200 nodes 3 x m5.2xlarge workload dependent

Supported AWS instance types

Anthos clusters on AWS supports the following AWS EC2 instance types for control planes and node pools. For more information, see Instance types in the AWS documentation.

Type Size
C5 Instances c5.large
C5 Instances c5.xlarge
C5 Instances c5.2xlarge
C5 Instances c5.4xlarge
C5 Instances c5.9xlarge
C5 Instances c5.12xlarge
C5 Instances c5.18xlarge
C5 Instances c5.24xlarge
C5 Instances c5a.large
C5 Instances c5a.xlarge
C5 Instances c5a.2xlarge
C5 Instances c5a.4xlarge
C5 Instances c5a.9xlarge
C5 Instances c5a.12xlarge
C5 Instances c5a.18xlarge
C5 Instances c5a.24xlarge
C5 Instances c5ad.large
C5 Instances c5ad.xlarge
C5 Instances c5ad.2xlarge
C5 Instances c5ad.4xlarge
C5 Instances c5ad.9xlarge
C5 Instances c5ad.12xlarge
C5 Instances c5ad.18xlarge
C5 Instances c5ad.24xlarge
C5 Instances c5d.large
C5 Instances c5d.xlarge
C5 Instances c5d.2xlarge
C5 Instances c5d.4xlarge
C5 Instances c5d.9xlarge
C5 Instances c5d.12xlarge
C5 Instances c5d.18xlarge
C5 Instances c5d.24xlarge
I3en Instances i3en.large
I3en Instances i3en.xlarge
I3en Instances i3en.2xlarge
I3en Instances i3en.3xlarge
I3en Instances i3en.6xlarge
I3en Instances i3en.12xlarge
I3en Instances i3en.24xlarge
M5 Instances m5.large
M5 Instances m5.xlarge
M5 Instances m5.2xlarge
M5 Instances m5.4xlarge
M5 Instances m5.8xlarge
M5 Instances m5.12xlarge
M5 Instances m5.16xlarge
M5 Instances m5.24xlarge
M5 Instances m5a.large
M5 Instances m5a.xlarge
M5 Instances m5a.2xlarge
M5 Instances m5a.4xlarge
M5 Instances m5a.8xlarge
M5 Instances m5a.12xlarge
M5 Instances m5a.16xlarge
M5 Instances m5a.24xlarge
M5 Instances m5ad.large
M5 Instances m5ad.xlarge
M5 Instances m5ad.2xlarge
M5 Instances m5ad.4xlarge
M5 Instances m5ad.8xlarge
M5 Instances m5ad.12xlarge
M5 Instances m5ad.16xlarge
M5 Instances m5ad.24xlarge
M5 Instances m5d.large
M5 Instances m5d.xlarge
M5 Instances m5d.2xlarge
M5 Instances m5d.4xlarge
M5 Instances m5d.8xlarge
M5 Instances m5d.12xlarge
M5 Instances m5d.16xlarge
M5 Instances m5d.24xlarge
R5 Instances r5.large
R5 Instances r5.xlarge
R5 Instances r5.2xlarge
R5 Instances r5.4xlarge
R5 Instances r5.8xlarge
R5 Instances r5.12xlarge
R5 Instances r5.16xlarge
R5 Instances r5.24xlarge
R5 Instances r5a.large
R5 Instances r5a.xlarge
R5 Instances r5a.2xlarge
R5 Instances r5a.4xlarge
R5 Instances r5a.8xlarge
R5 Instances r5a.12xlarge
R5 Instances r5a.16xlarge
R5 Instances r5a.24xlarge
R5 Instances r5ad.large
R5 Instances r5ad.xlarge
R5 Instances r5ad.2xlarge
R5 Instances r5ad.4xlarge
R5 Instances r5ad.8xlarge
R5 Instances r5ad.12xlarge
R5 Instances r5ad.16xlarge
R5 Instances r5ad.24xlarge
R5 Instances r5d.large
R5 Instances r5d.xlarge
R5 Instances r5d.2xlarge
R5 Instances r5d.4xlarge
R5 Instances r5d.8xlarge
R5 Instances r5d.12xlarge
R5 Instances r5d.16xlarge
R5 Instances r5d.24xlarge
T3 Instances t3.medium
T3 Instances t3.large
T3 Instances t3.xlarge
T3 Instances t3.2xlarge
T3 Instances t3a.medium
T3 Instances t3a.large
T3 Instances t3a.xlarge
T3 Instances t3a.2xlarge