Config Sync-managed labels and annotations

Config Sync adds and manages several labels and annotations on objects in the cluster. Do not modify these.


  • Marks the object as currently managed by Config Sync.
  • API version: The API version in which a resource was initially.


  • cluster-name: The name of the cluster, used by ClusterSelectors.
  • { ... json content... }: JSON representation of how the object is declared in Git.
  • enabled: Indicates that the object is managed by Config Sync.
  • path/to/object.yaml: The path in the repo to the file declaring this object.
  • token-hash: The Git hash of the repository when this object was last modified.
  • declared-fields: Stores the declared configuration of a resource in Git. This annotation uses the same format as the managed fields of server-side apply.
  • manager: Indicates which multi-repo reconciler is managing the resource.
  • resource-id: Indicates the resource's group, kind, namespace, and name information.
  • git-context: Stores the Git source-of-truth a resource is synced from.
  • inventory: Indicates the resource-group object that owns this resource.