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Config Sync-managed labels and annotations

Config Sync adds and manages several labels and annotations on objects in the cluster. Do not modify these values.


Label Description Marks the object as currently managed by Config Sync. API_VERSION This label indicates the API version in which a resource was initially declared.


Annotation Description CLUSTER_NAME The name of the cluster, used by ClusterSelectors. JSON_OUTPUT JSON representation of how the object is declared in Git. enabled Indicates that Config Sync manages the object. PATH The path in the repository to the file declaring this object. TOKEN_HASH The Git hash of the repository when this object was last modified. DECLARED_FIELDS Stores the declared configuration of a resource in Git. This annotation uses the same format as the managed fields of server-side apply. MANAGER Which reconciler manages the current object. The value is :root or NAMESPACE. RESOURCE_ID Indicates information about the resource's group, kind, namespace, and name. GIT_CONTEXT Stores the Git source-of-truth that a resource is synced from. Includes information on the repository, branch, and revision. INVENTORY Indicates the resource-group object that owns this resource.