Configure a Google Cloud resource

In the same way that you can keep your enrolled clusters in sync with a Git repository as a source of truth, you can sync configs for Google Cloud resources.


Before continuing, install both Config Sync and Config Connector. You can simplify the installation of Config Sync and Config Connector by setting up Config Controller.

Create a config

While configs for Kubernetes objects persist in Kubernetes clusters, configs for Google Cloud resources persist in Google Cloud projects. For this reason, each Google Cloud is represented by a namespace directory within namespaces/. The namespace directory must match the name of the Google Cloud project ID exactly. These namespace directories can inherit from abstract namespaces.

Configs are stored in either YAML or JSON. Each type of resource has different required and optional fields. For details about each type of resource, such as a Pub/Sub PubSubTopic, see Config Connector resources.

For example, assume that this config is stored in namespaces/myProject. When Anthos Config Management syncs with the repo, Config Connector creates a PubSubTopic called pubsubtopic-example in the myProject Google Cloud project.

kind: PubSubTopic
    label-one: "value-one"
  name: pubsubtopic-sample

For more examples, see Config Connector resources.

Delete or abandon a resource

To delete a resource, remove its config from the repo. The resource is deleted from the Google Cloud project at the next sync.

To abandon a resource (to stop syncing a resource but leave it intact in the Google Cloud project), you create two separate commits to the repo:

  • In the first commit, you add the annotation abandon to the resource.
  • After that change is synced, you delete the config from the repo.

For example, to stop managing a SpannerInstance resource:

  1. Edit its config and add a line like the bold line in the following example:

    kind: SpannerInstance
       label-one: "value-one"
     annotations: abandon
     name: spannerinstance-sample
     config: regional-us-central1
     displayName: Spanner Two
     numNodes: 1

    Commit and push the change.

  2. Wait for Config Sync to sync the change to the SpannerInstance resource to the Anthos Config Management cluster. You can use the following nomos command to check if the resource is synced:

    nomos status

    Wait until the commit is synced.

  3. In a second commit, delete the config. Commit and push the change.

The SpannerInstance is preserved in the Google Cloud project. However, its custom object no longer exists in the Anthos Config Management cluster and its config is no longer synced using Config Connector or Anthos Config Management.

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