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Additional IL5 services available for the DoD with Google Assured Workloads

August 9, 2023
Jordan Sembower

Product Manager, Security and Privacy, Google Cloud

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Department of Defense (DoD) customers can now deploy DoD SRG Impact Level 5 (IL5) workloads on Google Cloud through Assured Workloads, providing customers with unparalleled flexibility in any of Google’s U.S. regions including one of the world's largest publicly available machine learning hubs. Google provides the most extensive data center footprint for IL5 workloads of any cloud service provider.

Since Google Cloud’s 2022 announcement on DoD IL5 workloads and our commitment to rapidly expand Google Cloud services with IL5 authorization, we have made 10 services available at IL5 and will continue to expand those services and provide updates as more become available.

Google’s IL5-authorization now includes the following accredited services:

  • Admin Console

  • BigQuery

  • Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)

  • Cloud Hardware Security Module (HSM)

  • Cloud Identity

  • Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

  • Google Compute Engine (GCE)

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Persistent Disk

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

These new services are part of Google’s ongoing commitment to enable U.S. public sector institutions to accelerate their digital transformations. The U.S. Army, for instance, leverages Google Cloud BigQuery to consolidate siloed data into one location to perform data analysis and get insights from mission data. As a fully managed and completely serverless enterprise data warehouse that supports all data types, Big Query has built-in machine learning and business intelligence and allows for super-fast queries at petabyte scale using the processing power of Google’s cloud infrastructure. 

With Google’s newly accredited DoD SRG services, DoD customers can start transitioning away from legacy security models towards a more flexible and scalable infrastructure that meets the needs of their modern workforce.

Enhancing the military’s secure cloud computing infrastructure

We are proud that Google Cloud is now available on the Army’s Cloud Account Management and Optimization (CAMO) contract with Accenture Federal Services. Through this contract, the Army gains access to cutting-edge technology, global private networks, extensive data center resources, and world-class artificial intelligence tools.

Google Cloud’s expansive resources include its global private network, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, and enterprise data warehouse. Google provides the most extensive data center footprint for IL5 workloads of any cloud service provider, with nine regions and 29 data centers available at IL5, including one of the world’s largest publicly available machine learning hubs with Cloud TPU v4 and 90% carbon-free energy. The robust infrastructure offers unmatched speed, reliability, and scalability, enabling the military to respond to changing demands promptly. This access also can help support data sovereignty and compliance with strict regulations, providing enhanced protection for sensitive information.

Security and compliance at commercial cloud scale

Google's approach to cloud security, scale, and innovation is fundamentally different and more scalable than traditional government clouds. We use our commercial cloud infrastructure and apply security controls to meet military-grade accreditation. This approach is designed to be more efficient, effective, and secure, all without compromising on innovation with the ability to use the latest capabilities released in the commercial cloud, while addressing compliance requirements. 

We have an ongoing commitment to support advancements in defense technology. For more information, visit: https://cloud.google.com/gov/federal-defense-and-intel

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