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Celebrating our tech and startup customers

April 20, 2022
Google Cloud Tech and Startups Team

Our tech and startup customers are disrupting industries, driving innovation and changing how people do things. We’re proud of their success and want to showcase what they’re up to! You’ll hear about their new products, their businesses reaching new milestones and their ability to get things done faster and easier using Google Cloud’s app development, data analytics and AI/ML services.

Congrats to Impact Analytics for Closing PVH
With the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of e-commerce, and supply chain crisis, Impact Analytics had to quickly offer enhancements on their platform that gave retailers access to intelligent, automated, and edge-aware solutions. Google Cloud's best in class AI and ML solutions and highly performant infrastructure gave Impact Analytics the scalability and building blocks to create Ada, a robust predictive algorithm to give PVH and other retailers the tools to enhance their inventory planning capabilities. And now, Impact Analytics just closed a strategic deal with PVH (parent company of luxury brands Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, True & Co) to build out AI solutions for assortment planning and pricing optimization. Impact Analytics' cutting edge AI and ML guided forecasting engine is built entirely on Google Cloud! Read more

Podimetrics raises $45M Series C round
Podimetrics, creator of the FDA-cleared SmartMat and integrated clinical care services team, is dedicated to early detection and prevention of diabetic amputations, one of the most debilitating and costly complications of diabetes. Its clinical care services platform leverages Google Cloud services to engage with patients, by helping save limbs, lives, and money - all while keeping vulnerable populations healthy in their own homes. Read more about their Series C funding round.

Anvyl raises +$15M in an oversubscribed Series B funding round
Congrats to Anvyl for raising a hugely successful Series B as they modernize & transform the supply chain technology market and more than doubled revenue in the last year. Read more.

Helios has kicked off 2022 in a big way
The audio tone analysis platform, Comprehend: Elite, that they provide to Wall Street quantitative hedge funds now covers all US equities and is fully available here. It’s entirely powered by Google Cloud!

Dapper Labs uses Google Cloud for performance, reliability and decentralization
In case you missed it before the holidays, Dapper Labs is working with Google Cloud as its hyperscale cloud partner to ensure performance, reliability and decentralization for the next wave of mainstream users on Flow, without needing to compromise on decentralization or sustainability. Find out more.

Geotab’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (Geotab ITS) is built on Google Cloud.
Geotab uses GKE, BigQuery, Dataflow and Cloud Composer to build an innovative solution combining analytics and access to massive data volumes so municipalities can make better transportation planning decisions. The sheer volume of information that it handles, along with a need for highly scalable and flexible tools to manage, store, and analyze that data, led Geotab to invest in Google Cloud technology. Read more.

Mux CEO shares advice for getting started with video
Mux CEO, Jon Dahl, sat down with Google Cloud Director, Nirav Sheth, to share best practices and strategies for getting started with video, along with insights and advice from his learnings as a startup founder. Listen to what he has to say.

Google Cloud is proud to support Unstoppable Women of Web3
Unstoppable Women of Web3 (UWOW3) is an action oriented community made of industry leaders supporting education & opportunities for girls, women, and minorities in this burgeoning industry. This International Women’s Day, March 8th, you can catch live interviews with Tech and Web3 leaders from all over the world, covering topics such as how to build communities, how to learn more about Web3, developing technology on the blockchain, how to talk about complex ideas with kids, and more! How you can engage:

Puppet CTO increases development speed
Hear Puppet CTO Deepak Giridharagopal discuss how they managed to build Puppet's first Saas product, Relay, fast while also ensuring they would be able to remain agile if growth was to happen quickly. Watch video.

Vimeo builds a fully responsive video platform on Google Cloud
The video platform @Vimeo leverages managed database services from Google Cloud to serve up billions of views around the world each day. Read how it uses Cloud Spanner to deliver a consistent and reliable experience to its users no matter where they are. Find out more

Nylas improved price-performance by 40%
You don't have to choose between price-performance and x86 compatibility. Hear from David Ting, SVP of Engineering and CISO at @nylas, to learn how Google's x86-based Tau VMs delivered 40% better price-performance than competing Arm-based VMs. Watch now.

Optimizely partners with Google Cloud on experimentation solutions 
Build the next big thing with @Optimizely Experimentation on Google Cloud - driving innovation and next-gen experimentation for enterprise companies and marketers. Check it out.

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