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Google Cloud highlighted at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

September 18, 2021
Dave Elliott

Developer Relations Engineer, Google Cloud

Startups need to move quickly and focus their limited resources on areas where they can differentiate. If infrastructure isn’t your differentiator, don’t put a lot of energy into your infrastructure when someone else can do it for you. What’s more, time-to-market matters to startups more now than ever. Successful early stage companies know this, and leverage existing tools, libraries, frameworks and innovations whenever possible.  

Next week Google Cloud will be featured at TechCrunch Disrupt, the iconic annual event where “founders and investors shaping the future of disruptive technology” come together to share stories, network, and learn from each other. Google Cloud will host a session and Google Cloud engineers will be available in a virtual booth to answer startup questions. 

The session, “Demo Derby - How startups are disrupting the status quo with innovative data analytics, AI and modern app development” will be a fun, fast-paced set of presentations showing short demos of startups and startup projects built with Google Cloud. 

Demo Derby Presenters

  • Andrea Le Vot, Chief Data Protection Officer with startup BlueZoo will deliver a demo showing how they are revolutionizing the property insurance industry with AI and Cloud - and doing so while actually protecting people's privacy.

  • Dale Markowitz and Zack Akil, Applied AI Engineers, will show how easy it is to use AI for everything from video search to editing to automated translation.

  • Vidya Nagarajan, Group Product Manager from Google Cloud will deliver a fast paced demo that shows how startups can drive developer productivity with serverless innovations.

“Disrupt is iconic for its engagement with founders, investors, and the broad community of early stage companies,” said Andrea Le Vot, Chief Data Protection Officer at BlueZoo. “We are thrilled to share our insights with others in our community, and to show how we have partnered with Google Cloud to innovate faster than most of the larger, well funded insurance companies in our market.”

The series of snippet sized demos will be followed by a roundtable discussion with the demo developers focused on lessons learned, best practices, how to reduce time-to-market, and how to focus on where you can most effectively differentiate.

The session will air on Day One of the event: Tuesday September 21, 2021 at 1pm PT and will be available on demand after the event for all Disrupt attendees.

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