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SAP on Google Cloud

Introducing SAP Cost Estimator: Price out your SAP landscape on Google Cloud

July 24, 2023
Jatin Kumar

Product Manager, Google Cloud

Rohit Kamath

Solution Manager, SAP

Have you ever wondered what it will cost to run SAP on Google Cloud? How various configurations and feature choices will affect your costs? If you’ve ever tried to estimate the cost yourself, you know how difficult it is to get initial high-level cost estimates without being able to input a lot of detailed information about the landscape. 

As part of our commitment to provide easy-to-use capabilities to help you understand why Google Cloud is a cost effective cloud for SAP applications, we’ve launched SAP Cost Estimator, which is built into the Cloud Spend Estimator module of Google Cloud’s Migration Center. Read on to learn more. 

Inside the SAP Cost Estimator

The SAP Cost Estimator determines costs for SAP deployments in predefined sizes (X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large), based on typical Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) Bill of Materials for SAP applications. You can select predefined sizes for the following SAP applications, with or without a high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) :

  • S/4HANA

  • BW/4HANA

  • BusinessObjects Business Intelligence

  • Fiori

  • Business Object Data Services (BODS)

  • Process Orchestration (PO)

  • SAP NetWeaver ABAP

The predefined sizes include a default storage configuration. However, if you require additional storage, you can easily include both Block and Cloud Storage as per your requirements. You can also compare the costs for different regions after planning your primary and DR regions and see the pricing with different Committed-Use Discounts (CUDs)

The following diagram illustrates the breakdown of IaaS costs across the SAP workload landscape by Dev, QAS, Production systems and more.


The SAP Cost Estimator provides an initial cost estimate, giving valuable insights into the cost of running SAP infrastructure on Google Cloud. This serves as a prelude to running a more in-depth complimentary discovery and assessment of your IT landscape, where we’ll create a more precise migration plan and budget estimate. With this assessment, featured in Migration Center, you’ll find detailed information regarding each system in your landscape (vCPU, Memory, Storage, etc.) and a TCO report based on your migration preferences.  

We’re also excited to be able to provide SAP users insights into what it might cost to run your SAP app on Google Cloud. To quote one of our customers, “The SAP Cost Estimator will accelerate the migration journey to Google Cloud for SAP Customers by having an initial understanding of what it would cost to run SAP applications on Google Cloud Infrastructure. Thanks for providing us with this functionality.”

Learn more about SAP Cost Estimator, try it out directly in the Migration Center, or read more on all the ways we support SAP on Google Cloud.

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