Hire by Google helps you match prior candidates with new jobs

Since the beta release of candidate discovery in Hire earlier this year, we’ve heard from many customers how it's helped them quickly fill open roles at their companies. Today, we're excited to announce candidate discovery is generally available to all Hire customers.

Steve Lokam, CEO of OpenLogix and Sharon O’Donnell, HR Director, Titmouse, Inc., are both Hire customers who face similar challenges. Each has difficult-to-fill roles that require them to evaluate a large number of applicants to find the right candidates. All too frequently, promising candidates drop out in the process due to factors such as wrong job location or poor timing of the offer, but are still a good match for future job opportunities.

Over the years, thousands of people have applied for jobs at both OpenLogix and Titmouse. Until recently, many of these candidates have been untapped for open roles because there was no easy way to search for them.

To change this, both OpenLogix and Titmouse became trusted testers for Hire’s candidate discovery.


For OpenLogix, candidate discovery in Hire helps the company quickly search its database of 30,000 prior candidates, then creates a prioritized list based on how well the candidate’s profile matches the title, job description and location. Once a list of potential candidates has been identified, they can be easily emailed with an introduction and an interview request.

Using candidate discovery, OpenLogix was able to fill one of its roles in 24 hours (the average time to hire is four weeks). A prior candidate had passed on an opportunity due to the job’s location, but accepted an offer for a new role with a better commute.


Sharon and the Titmouse team are using Hire to manage new applications on their careers page and to search their existing database of candidates. “Google Hire is a very powerful tool and we are still exploring ways to harness that power for our purposes,” says Sharon. “For example, we have a ‘General Submission’ section on the website where artists can submit their information if they don’t find a posted job that matches their skillset. That section now has more than 5,000 submissions, and growing rapidly, so we need a way to sift through it quickly. We have three locations, in LA, New York, and Vancouver, and candidate discovery has been an efficient tool we use to find artists by area of expertise and location.”

Throughout the beta period, we listened to customer feedback, and as a result we’ve introduced new features in candidate discovery. For example, after finding candidates that meet their search criteria, customers can now easily screen resumes with smart keyword highlighting based on their search criteria, and re-engage qualified candidates in bulk.

Candidate discovery is powered by Cloud Talent Solution, a set of APIs available on Google Cloud that use search and machine learning to help recruiters find more relevant candidates for their job openings. Hire is the first applicant tracking software to take advantage of Cloud Talent Solution, and feedback from Hire customers significantly influenced its development. To learn more about candidate discovery with Hire, visit our website or schedule a demo today.