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Stackdriver Error Reporting: there’s a mobile app for that

August 16, 2016
Steren Giannini

Group Product Manager

Ever wish you could receive notifications on production errors of your cloud app, triage them, perform preliminary diagnosis and share them with others from anywhere? Now you can. We’re pleased to announce that all the key functionality of Stackdriver Error Reporting is now available on the Google Cloud Console app, today on Android and very soon on iOS.

Receive mobile push notifications on new error with detailed error information

We thoroughly redesigned the Error Reporting UI to be suited for mobile devices, enabling you to perform the same actions you can perform on the desktop version, including exploring service errors and their stack traces, filtering them based on a time range, service and version and sorting them by number of occurrences, affected user counts or first-seen and last-seen dates.

Take action from your phone by linking an error to an issue in your favorite issue tracker, by muting it or sharing it with your teammates.

See the top of your cloud services from the Cloud Console mobile app (click to enlarge)

Error Reporting for mobile integrates nicely with the other features of the Cloud Console mobile app — for example, you can jump from an error to the latest request log where it occurred, or from the error that just occured to review details of the faulty version of your Google App Engine service, right from your phone. Download the app today on Android and very soon on iOS. And don’t forget to send us your feedback at error-reporting-feedback@google.com


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