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Stackdriver Error Reporting has your back on App Engine, no setup required

July 18, 2016
Steren Giannini

Group Product Manager

The combination of Google App Engine and Stackdriver Error Reporting is a powerful one. App Engine allows you to focus on your application without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Error Reporting, meanwhile, provides visibility into your application's health so that you can focus on relevant errors, detect new problems early and ultimately increase the quality of your application.

After a short beta period during which we fine-tuned the grouping algorithms and made sure it scaled for our biggest customers, Stackdriver Error Reporting is now generally available on Google App Engine standard environment. No setup is required — it just works out of the box for Java, Python, Go and PHP applications in the App Engine standard environment.

See your top application errors on the App Engine dashboard (click to enlarge)

Stackdriver Error Reporting works by automatically analyzing App Engine error logs, extracting more than one thousand stack traces per second in order to group and count them. You can opt to receive email notifications when there’s a new error that was never seen before. The report page lists which services and versions are affected, when the error was first seen and relevant exception stack frames.

Stackdriver Error Reporting shows affected versions, stack traces and a link to the request log (click to enlarge)

Early adopters of Stackdriver Error Reporting have very positive feedback.

We've been in search of a solution like this and were about to try wiring together various vendor solutions. Stackdriver Error Reporting really hits the mark and has immediately uncovered issues that had been unnoticed in production. I credit this tool with raising the quality and user experience of our product to a huge degree.

- John Koehl, CTO at Batterii

Visit http://console.cloud.google.com/errors to see any errors in your App Engine project.

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