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Solution guide: backing up Windows files using CloudBerry Backup with Google Cloud Storage

March 24, 2017
Brad Svee

Staff Cloud Solutions Architect

Modern businesses increasingly depend on their data as a foundation for their operation. The more critical the reliance is on that data, the more important it is to ensure that data is protected with backups. Unfortunately, even by taking regular backups, you're still susceptible to data loss from a local disaster or human error. Thus, many companies entrust their data to geographically distributed cloud storage providers like Google Cloud Platform (GCP). And when they do, they want convenient cloud backup automation tools that offer flexible backup options and quick on-demand restores.

One such tool is CloudBerry Backup (CBB), and has the following capabilities:

  • Creating incremental data copies with low impact on production workloads
  • Data encryption on all transferring paths
  • Flexible retention policy, allowing you to balance the volume of data stored and storage space used
  • Ability to carry out hybrid restores with the use of local and cloud storage resources

CBB includes a broad range of features out of the box, allowing you to address most of your cloud backup needs, and is designed to have low impact on production servers and applications.

CBB has a low-footprint backup client that you install on the desired server. After you provision a Google Cloud Storage bucket, attach it to CBB and create a backup plan to immediately start protecting your files in the cloud.

To simplify your cloud backup onboarding, check out the step-by-step tutorial on how to use CloudBerry Backup with Google Cloud Storage and easily restore any files.

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