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OAuth whitelisting can now control access to GCP services and data

December 6, 2017
Christiaan Brand

Product Manager

As a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customer, having control over who can access your resources is incredibly important. Last summer, we introduced OAuth apps whitelisting, giving you visibility and control into how third-party applications access your users’ G Suite data. And today, we’ve expanded our OAuth API access controls to let you control access to GCP resources as well.

OAuth apps whitelisting helps keep your data safe by letting admins specifically select which third-party apps are allowed to access users’ GCP data and resources. Once an app is part of a whitelist, users can choose to grant authorized access to their GCP apps and data. This prevents malicious apps from tricking users into accidentally granting access to corporate resources.

As a GCP administrator, you can whitelist applications via the Google Admin console (also known as the G Suite Admin console). With OAuth API access controls you have three GCP whitelisting options:

  1. Cloud Platform - a whitelist that covers GCP services like Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery, but excludes Cloud Machine Learning and Cloud Billing
  2. Machine Learning - a dedicated whitelist for machine learning services that includes Cloud Video Intelligence, Cloud Speech API, Cloud Natural Language API, Cloud Translation API, and Cloud Vision API 
  3. Cloud Billing - a dedicated whitelist for the Cloud Billing API 

OAuth API access controls

When you disable API access to any of these categories, you disallow third-party apps from accessing data or services in that category. Third-party applications that you have specifically vetted and deem trustworthy can be whitelisted, and users can choose to grant them authorized access to their GCP and G Suite apps. This helps prevent malicious apps from tricking users into accidentally granting access to their corporate data.

Whitelisting trusted applications (click to enlarge)

Disabling — or whitelisting — third-party access to GCP resources is easy. Click here for more info on how to get started.

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