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NAB 2017: Rendering updates to GCP

April 25, 2017
Todd Prives

Product Manager, Cloud Rendering

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is leading the way in cloud rendering solutions, and we're excited to make several announcements at the NAB 2017 show relating to our suite of solutions.

For our SaaS users, we've made several additions and price reductions to our Zync Render platform including:

  • Added rendering support for the popular Arnold Render for Cinema 4D. Arnold is a renderer used in countless feature film, advertising, VR and television projects and support in Cinema 4D allows Zync users to scale to tens of thousands of cores on demand when rendering a scene with Arnold.
  • We’ve also cut pricing for many Zync applications (Maya, Cinema 4D & Houdini) by up to 31%.
For our IaaS large studio customers who set up a custom rendering pipeline on GCP, we understand that establishing a secure connection to our platform is critical to ensure that sensitive pre-release content is protected at all times. We’ve worked with the leading Hollywood production studios to develop a Securing Rendering Workloads Solution that our customers can follow when building their rendering solution with us.

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