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Google Cloud Platform opens region in the Netherlands

January 30, 2018
Dave Stiver

Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform

Click here for the Dutch version, bedankt!

Our fourteenth Google Cloud Platform region, located in the Netherlands, is now open for you to build applications and store your data.

The new Netherlands region, europe-west4, joins Belgium, London and Frankfurt in Europe and makes it easier to build highly available, performant applications using resources across those geographies.



The Netherlands region has everything you need to build the next great application, and two zones, with a third coming soon.


Google Cloud Network

Interested in a GCP service that’s not available in the Netherlands region? No problem. You can access this service via the Google Network, the largest cloud network as measured by number of points of presence.

And that network infrastructure keeps getting stronger. We recently announced the Havfrue cables system to further expand our transatlantic information corridor, and will offer Dedicated Interconnect services from the Netherlands region, accessible from both Equinix Amsterdam Schepenbergweg (AM5) (formerly Telecity AMS5) and Equinix Amsterdam (AM3) Locations.

Our Dutch datacenter

The Netherlands region is located in our existing datacenter in Eemshaven. Prior to opening this datacenter two years ago, we had procured enough renewable energy on the Dutch grid to ensure consumption would be matched with 100% renewable energy from day one. This means that when you use this region to run your compute, store your data and develop your applications, you're doing so sustainably. 

What customers are saying

Companies in the Netherlands welcome the addition of this GCP region.


We are very excited with the arrival of the Google Cloud Platform in The Netherlands, one of our key European markets. Google Cloud Platform enables us to rapidly and easily grow our business globally, empowering our people to deliver true value to our customers. They are a strategic partner supporting us to provide personalized travel booking services at scale.

— John Mangelaars, Chief Executive Officer, Travix


At Blendle, we're big believers in multi-cloud and open source software such as Linux, Docker and Kubernetes. With the introduction of Google Kubernetes Engine, we switched a big part of our infrastructure to Google Cloud. Google's newest region underscores its growing commitment to Europe and The Netherlands, and will allow us to expand our mission of saving quality journalism in The Netherlands, Europe and eventually on the world.

— Jean Mertz, Chief Technology Officer, Blendle


By using Google Cloud Platform, we can focus our engineering effort on getting the best features for our customers and partners available 24/7.

— Jurrie Van Rooijen, Chief Technology Officer, bol.com

Google Cloud in Europe

We’ve built out our Google Cloud presence in Europe over the last 10 years, with dedicated Cloud teams in over 20 offices across Europe, including our Benelux offices in Amsterdam and Brussels. We’re also active with local communities, supporting a volunteer-run Google Developer Group which includes Android, Web, Cloud, IoT and GoLang, with over 3,000 members across them all. This year, we'll continue to grow our customer-facing and partner teams to help companies in the Netherlands transform their businesses.

Getting started

For help migrating to GCP, please contact our local partners. For additional details on the region, please visit our Netherlands region page, where you’ll get access to free resources, white papers, the "Cloud On-Air" on-demand video series and more. Our locations page provides updates on the availability of additional services and regions. Contact us to request early access to new regions and help us prioritize what we build next.
 *Please visit our Service Specific Terms to get detailed information on our data storage capabilities.

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